What is it all about?


Segard Masurel’s ABELUSI WOOL ensures the link between woolgrowers who are mindful of people, environment and animal welfare, and brands that share the same values.

We have developed a personal relationship with each Abelusi woolgrower and know the intimate details of their farming practices.
Relationships are based on honest and transparent exchanges.


Audits form the basis for evolution and continuous improvement.
ABELUSI WOOL has developed and adopted its own detailed standard that comprises criteria covered by the South African Code of Best Practice for Woolsheep Farming and other standards.
We audit the farms on social, environment and animal welfare aspects.
Segard Masurel’s audits are counter-audited by an independent accredited inspection body : SAMIC (South African Meat Industry Company).


We source the wool directly from ABELUSI woolgrowers, at a premium price which acts as an incentive to reward their dedication to ongoing good practices and continuous improvement.


Segard Masurel delivers wool tops (combed wool) to the spinner designated by the customer and guarantees full traceability from farm to wool tops. The audit results are documented and recorded so that they are always available if needed by the customer.


As the ABELUSI WOOL Audit Standard has been developed in-house and is regularly reviewed and updated, Segard Masurel is prepared to consider any additional customer-specific requirements for inclusion into the standard.


Segard Masurel regularly reviews its progress and makes positive changes when required.

ABELUSI WOOL growers strive to continuously improve their on-farm management and operations.